Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family viewing, Dec 9th 2007

Brian's sisters: Sandra, Katie, Heidi, her baby Joshua and husband Rich

brother, Bud

Sandra hugging Ryan (Julie's oldest son) and Katie

Rich, Heidi and Joshua

Diana (Ryan's wife), Ryan, Mom and Taylor (Heidi and Rich's daughter)

nephew Logan (Julie's 3rd son), Bud, Mom, brother Jared & Taylor

Jared with his brother Brian

Bud next to Dad (back to us)

Dad, Jason (Julie's 2nd son), sister Amy, brother- in-law Dave (Sandra's husband)

Diana, Doug Hani and TJ Hani (friends), Ryan & Jordie? (Wayne's daughter)

Sandra, Lori Haun (friend), & Julie (Brian's sister)

Rich, Dad behind him, Sandra, & Heidi

Peggy(Aunt Barbara's daughter-in-law), Aunt Barbara (Mom's oldest sister) & Mom

Brian's brothers: Bud, Wayne, Jared holding his son JJ, and Becky (Wayne's wife)